Derek Secor Davis has been making furniture and other objects out of wood, steel, concrete and found objects for more than 45 years. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Derek graduated from Colorado College with a degree in music theory in 1976. Working from a small-scale studio, save for the occasional intern or assistant, Derek prefers to work alone and create furniture that reflects his quiet and unhurried lifestyle. The output of this intimate studio is sold through fine art galleries, internet venues and directly to clients. Typically, one-of-a-kind art pieces are sold through fine art galleries, while production pieces, created in multiple groups, are sold online. In addition, Derek is happy to work with clients to create one of a kind custom furniture designed and built to customer's desires and specifications. Over the course of his career Derek's work has evolved from being focused primarily on technique and working with wood, to a more sculptural approach where the exploration and interplay of color and form become the impetus and allure of the piece. Derek has shown and sold his work nationally for more than three decades and his work is found in many collections including the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design and the Department of Design at the Denver Art Museum.

Derek lives and works nestled amongst a ponderosa forest high in the foothills west of Boulder, Colorado. He shares his studio, an old converted mountain house, with his wife, ceramic artist Kate Inskeep. They reside on a lofty mountain ridge in their hand-built and largely salvaged passive solar home with their two teenage children and an assortment of pets and livestock.